Welcome to a special and very loving parish! The Episcopal Church of the Atonement is a unique spiritual family that combines the beauty of Anglo-Catholic worship with an unselfish commitment for the greater good of those in need. Our Masses reflect the sincere and earnest spirituality of a very diverse community. We believe that every soul has a place at God’s table, along with a responsibility and ministry within the parish and within the world. We worship and work in the midst of a richly blessed, supportive, and dynamic diocese. We offer our best wishes to those on the exciting journey and search regarding a church home.

We have three masses on Sundays that have very unique flavors and emphasis.  The 8:00 AM mass is a said mass with homily.  The 9:00 AM mass is focused on our youth. The homily is geared for children, and the youth are encouraged to participate in the leadership of this mass.  The high mass with choir is at 11:00 AM. This mass embodies the beautiful traditions of the church proving that “what is ancient never becomes old.”